"Wayne Ford believes in responsibility -- the responsibility of a government to its citizens, of citizens to one another, of one generation to the next, of the more fortunate to those with less."
--Dan Rather, The American Dream

Here is a list of the services that WF&A provides

Corporate Social Responsibility - Assist Corporations in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility

Minority recruitment - aid your business or organization in developing innovative strategies in recruiting members from diverse communities.

Retention - different cultural backgrounds in your workplace demand different approaches to maintaining employees. WF&A will make sure that your employees are retained

Improving Employer/ Employee Relations - the changing make up of today's workforce requires new ways of improving your working environment.

Employment Aftercare - WF&A works with employees after the workday is over to improve social skills, punctuality, appearance, etc.

Collegiate/Professional Sports - whether it's athletic motivation, mentoring, ticket giveaways or youth projects WF&A can help accomplish your goals.

No matter what kind of business or organization you have WF&A can aid you in the above listed services and much more. No challenge is too great.

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